Project: RIO Apartments

Property Type: Residential Homes

Perfectly positioned in the heart of Lahore, Reo Apartment is an exceptional residential project offering individual units of 4 Marlas.

Apart from the satisfaction derived from the unmatchable combination of facilities and amenities offered in the project, the strategic location of The RIO Apartments Homes provides an added advantage. Situated in the vicinity of Dawood Residency it is Fully-secure and well-equipped, the project provides a very comfortable and relaxing living experience.

As the project is designed with specific attention to detail, every aspect essential for a contemporary lifestyle has been catered to.

We are offering Individual unit homes for a living.

Rundown the details of Rio Apartments.

⦁ 3 Bed Option 3.82 with the covered area.
⦁ Booking starts from 20% only.
⦁ Easy installments of 15 months.